Friday, December 23, 2011

JLS - Take A Chance On Me

" Baby take a chance on me. " - JLS, Take a chance on me.

Hello Beings. haha. :P 

This morning I woke up a little bit early. I had to accompany my grandfather to the hospital at 10 am. Pity him you know, his arthritis is just something that I can't bear to see. He's hurting and he can't walk without any support. At the hospital, I waited outside the door because my father told me not to enter. This time, I didn't feel disgusted with the hospital because it's a different hospital. The clean and awesome one. HAHA. :P 

In the evening, I slept for 3 hours. Well, I was planning to sleep just for a while and wake up at 4 pm to do my homework and stuffs. But when I open my eyes, it was nearly 6 pm. I was like, *OH SH*T. =,='' 

At night, I cooked eggplant with some olive oil and i made fish soup with tamarind. It was a very simple dish and I loved it. The soup is the main attraction. It has that sour taste. Ah. Delicious. 

Overall, today was boring because there was nothing extraordinary happened. I'm looking for something special to post in my precious blog. When I've found it, I'll post it immediately lah. :) 


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