Sunday, March 17, 2013

Before the storm.

Hello again blog. I'm kinda sleepy but I seriously need to write about this.

Dear Crush,

You may not know about my feelings towards you. After all, it would no longer be a crush if you knew about how I feel about you. All this while I've been very open to you just because I want to get closer to you. We shared a lot of things. Countless things to be exact. And it is surprisingly hard for me to back off and just forget about what had happened. Frankly I did think of forever and always but I'd knew that all of these are just temporary. In fact everything is temporary. Nothing lasts forever. Even human does not lasts forever. Someday all of these will be gone and vanished into thin air.

The time has finally come for me to realize that you'll go your own way after everything is no longer happening. I'll try to be okay without your love and affection. Just to tell you this, I am superbly thankful to the Almighty because He showed me the way to clear things out between me and you. All those moments spent with you I'll cherish until the day I've gone insane and perhaps senile? Haha. You are the best crush ever. You were always there when I needed you but I truly hate you when you are in your bad mood. You're kinda scary. HAHAHA. :3

Before the storm comes, I think it is much better if I set you free. At least you'll not get caught up in the winds and hurt yourself. Just so you know, I appreciate everything you have done to make me smile or even go loco. You understood me like nobody else does. With that, I leave you with nothing but memories. Memories that I hope you and I will never forget. Thanks.

Got this picture from tumblr. hehe.
Here's a song from Miley Cyrus ft. Nick Jonas entitled Before The Storm. It suites well with our situation. Enjoy. 

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