Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What I've Been Listening To?


Today I would like to share with you about the most played back album on my iTunes. I know this might be a surprise, but frankly I've been listening to Imagine Dragons' album entitled Night Vision.

It happened last month while I was surfing across YouTube's ocean of videos and I came a across the Imagine Dragons' album playlist. Without much hesitation, I heard the full album and to my amazement, I managed to relate myself to their songs! Their full album suits with my kind of groove and it got me dancing to the beat.

The tracks available on the album are :

01- Radioactive
02- Tiptoe
03- It's Time
04- Demons
05- On Top Of The World
06- Amsterdam
07- Hear Me
08- Every Night
09- Bleeding Out
10- Underdog
11- Nothing Left To Say /Rocks

The song that I love the most are It's Time, Demons, Hear Me, Underdog and Nothing Left To Say/ Rocks. They started to sing and produce albums since 2008 but I don't know why it is now that I realized the existence of their good music! Haha. But I bet most of you heard of their single It's Time. I mean, even Glee did an awesome cover of it! I think that's all for today. :) I'll leave you with It's time by Imagine Dragons and Glee version. Goodnight SEXY PEOPLES! :*

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