Friday, March 22, 2013

Short Grief.

Hello blog. I just got my SPM examination result yesterday and I didn't get straight A's. My result is pretty much one of the lowest in my school, and among my friends in real life. Until now I'm feeling a bit miserable because I didn't achieve my target which is to get above 6A's. But at least I got an A+ on my Mathematics and an A- for both Chemistry and Biology. I was shocked to know that I scored these subjects. Because when I was still studying in MRSM Kota Kinabalu, I have never got an A for Chemistry but as for Biology, I kind of expected it to be an A-. Above all, I am very proud and grateful to Allah the almighty for He has given me an average result without any C's and D's.

Now what I've got to do is try to get over with my result and smile ahead of everything. As the saying goes, Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining. This might not be the end, but this is certainly the start of something incredible. To those who excelled their SPM examination, I would like to congratulate you. As for those who did not excel their SPM examination, I wish you all the luck in the world in facing the roughs and toughs of life. One advice from me, don't give up easily. Who knows after this you'll beat the other kids who excelled their SPM examination? Only God knows what will happen.

I'm still sad now but I'm certain that I'll be okay after a few short grieving underneath my pillow. I think that's all for tonight, Goodnight. :)


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  1. congrats! A in math n bio is not bad. I only got credit my science subject. :P